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Are you an emerging or established film critic with an Asian background? Have an idea for a review or feature that's perfect for The Asian Cut? We would love to hear from you! Before you begin, please check out our guidelines so you have a better idea of who we are, and it will help us have a better idea of who you are.

How to Pitch to The Asian Cut


The Asian Cut (TAC) publishes features and reviews on films and television series (new and old) by Asian creators and/or headlined by Asian actors, as well as idea-based essays interrogating/examining Asian representation in film (in the West, in the specific country of origin, etc.), all by writers of Asian heritage. The films you write about don’t specifically have to tackle ideas relating to Asian identity on screen or thematically, but they do have to be helmed in some way by an Asian person or group of creatives. Asia is a large continent full of an endlessly diverse group of people creating amazing movies and television, and filmmakers of Asian descent are creating projects all over the world — TAC wishes to celebrate these movies while we uplift the voices of Asian writers around the world. Asian filmmakers have created beautiful and nuanced films and TV shows worthy of endless discussion, which is why TAC exists. 


We love pieces that explore what it means or looks like to be Asian on screen, perhaps what this has looked like in the past outside of Asia, or maybe where this kind of representation in the West is headed. Or perhaps an Asian filmmaker has simply created a film that has you absolutely buzzing and you can’t wait to write about. We love pieces that highlight the works of a creative that nobody else is talking about, or films and filmmakers lost to time that you believe deserve their due. Perhaps you notice a trend in certain kinds of Asian representation in a particular work from a particular country in Asia. Maybe you’d like to interview an Asian or Asian diasporic director telling exciting stories. Pitch us about it!


We’re not looking for listicles or for sensationalized, click-bait articles. We love compelling, argument-driven essays and well-written, trenchant reviews. If you’re picking up what we’re putting down, then pitch us at with your idea. 


We ask that pitches be no longer than about 300 words (about two paragraphs). In your pitch, please explain the crux of your idea (its thesis if it’s an essay; guiding theme if you’re pitching an interview; your unique perspective if you’re pitching a review), why you’re the best person to tackle the idea, and your turnaround time. Please make sure to include a brief bio and some writing samples!


We’re a small team, so we ask that you please only send along one pitch per email; if you receive a pass from us for one idea, don’t be afraid to send along another! No idea is too small, though certain ideas can be too big — either way, please don’t hesitate to send along your idea. We’re always happy to workshop and help refine proposals, too. To give writers an idea about word counts: we ask that feature pieces (essays and interviews) be no longer than 2,500 words, and that reviews be no longer than 1,000 words.


Because we’re still in our early stages of development, we unfortunately aren’t able to offer payment upon publication at this time — but we’re working hard to swiftly change this!


If we accept your idea, we will work with you diligently throughout the editing process. After publication, we will strive to promote your piece to the best of our abilities. 


We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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