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About Us

The Asian Cut was created out of a desire to see more films from Asia and the Asian diaspora represented in the Western film discourse in a thoughtful and authentic manner. The site's founders, Alisha Mughal and Rachel Ho, became acquainted as writers for Exclaim! and quickly bonded over a love of coffee and long-form writing. During TIFF22, Rachel and Alisha met Rose Ho at the Toronto Film Critics Association's Pre-TIFF Cockatil Party, and the trio was formed.


Taking a cue from kind-of-Mahatma Gandhi (but actually Arleen Lorrance), we decided to be the change we wanted to see in the film world. So we created a space to not only highlight Asian and Asian diaspora films, but showcase filmmakers of Asian descent. We also hope that this will be a place for Asian journalists and film critics (established and those just starting out) to write about the films, filmmakers and film history that they feel connected to.

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Alisha Mughal


Rachel Ho

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Rose Ho

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